Open Wide: 500 Revealing Questions for Lovers to Deepen Sexual Desire (eBook)


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Open Wide: 500 Revealing Questions for Lovers to Deepen Sexual Desire (eBook)

If you’re being sexual with someone right now, YOU NEED THIS GUIDE!

You might think you need loads of sexual experience, fancy gizmos, or expert-level communication skills to fuel sexual desire…

As a female libido specialist, I’m here to tell you: NO, YOU DON’T.

Sexual desire is as simple as knowing and sharing the truth.

It all begins with asking the right questions… LEARN MORE


You will receive this e-book immediately upon purchase.

More About the Sexual Desire Guide:

Great lovers aren’t born. They are made.

Download this 87-page e-book, and you’ll get:

  • 500 questions designed to stimulate open, honest sharing about sex and desire
  • 20+ tips for having fruitful, liberating, even steamy conversations about sex
  • The secret ingredient to epic sex that nobody talks about!
  • An extensive breakdown of novelty sex, sexual boredom, and long-term sexual desire
  • An expert-curated list of the best books on communication and the best online sexuality courses

Who is this e-book for?

  • Lovers of all genders, ages and backgrounds
  • People in any kind of relationship—newly dating, friends with benefits, committed long-term, engaged, married, monogamous, polyamorous
  • Lovers who want to talk about sex, but feel shy or inhibited from speaking freely, worry they’ll have very little talk to about—or simply don’t know where to start
  • Everyone who’s ever had thoughts like: Where did my libido go? Why don’t I get horny for my lover anymore? What would make me horny? How can I be the best lover for my partner?
  • Anyone who is committed to creating a nourishing, fulfilling sex life— for yourself and with your lover

Hi, my name is Elena Rossi.

I’ve written OPEN WIDE: 500 Questions for Lovers to Deepen Sexual Desire to help you:

  • Reveal your unmet needs and sexual desires to your lover/s
  • Sustain a long-term healthy, pleasure-filled sex life
  • Build a stronger sexual and sensual bond
  • Leave sexual boredom and dull, stagnant sex in the past!
  • Explore your pleasure potential

OPEN WIDE banishes one-word answers to lazy questions like “Does this feel good?” or “What do you like?”

Instead, you’ll discover:

  • What is the purpose of sex in your life?
  • What kind of sex would make you want to stay in bed all day?
  • What are the deepest wounds from your past which could be affecting your sex life?
  • How do you know if someone is sexually compatible with you?
  • What could be some early warning signs that your sexual relationship is in trouble?

OPEN WIDE opens up yourself and your relationship to:

  • Long-term sexual satisfaction and excitement
  • Toe-curling pleasure and orgasms
  • Deeper (or even rekindled) love
  • Playfulness, romance and lightheartedness 
  • Clarity on sexual compatibility
  • Understanding of turn-ons & boundaries—yours and your partner’s

You absolutely deserve all of this and more!

All you have to do is OPEN WIDE.

I’m so excited to support you on this journey!

With love,

Elena Rossi

You will receive this e-book immediately upon purchase.


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Happy reading!

Written & Created by

Elena Rossi

A female libido specialist, writer, speaker, pelvic trauma-release specialist and sex toy designer, helping you discover peace between the sheets.

The Reviews

17 reviews for Open Wide: 500 Revealing Questions for Lovers to Deepen Sexual Desire (eBook)
  1. Steph (verified owner)

    This ebook has been the perfect way to spend our evenings during a pandemic together. I got Open Wide during a period of our partnership that felt pretty dull & at times strained; 2020 wasn’t really helping the situation. I was feeling restless & bored in our LTR of five years.

    When I first received it, it actually took me a little while to present the idea to my partner. At first he was rather reticent, which wasn’t surprising because sometimes he has trouble sharing his thoughts/feelings. Now my partner actually asks me, “Can we do questions tonight?” <3 We usually limit it to five. Some of the questions we answer in a few minutes; others take us an hour. It's been a huge positive in our relationship. The intimacy & deep conversation absolutely nourish me & my love & appreciation for my partner. I feel so much more connected & satisfied & fulfilled. AND we've been having a lot more sex (just another perk). Really can't thank you enough, Elena. Highly recommend.

  2. Catherine

    I’ve been using this guide with my partner for around 2 months and can absolutely recommend it for anyone interested in building intimacy and connection.. either with a lover, a friend or a date.

    If you’re someone that absolutely loves asking your partner deeper questions, and regularly asks your partner, “Tell me about the first time you saw me, or the first time we met??” over and over again, you will love diving deep with 500 extremely thoughtful questions.

    The answers can be as simple or complex as you care to divulge or discuss. Over dinner or a date, we usually try to answer around three questions…by the end the conversation is flowing so freely as you explore tangents within tangents, and without really realising it you can really explore your values and outlook on life together.

  3. Elena (verified owner)

    If you want to experience deep, meaningful connection with your partner, grow a pair and open up and show up as honestly as you can. This book will equip you how to. So much gold. Worth every penny, minute and drop of sweat from being vulnerable. Grateful!

  4. Joyce (verified owner)

    This is a must-have item, whether you re single and up for self discovery, dating and searching for some deeper questions to ask your potential lover, in a short term relationship just getting to know eachother or in a long term relationship wanting to spice things up or deepen your knowledge about each others needs. I recommend this guide to all my friends. So, here I am recommending it to you.

    The ’look and feel’ of this quide is wonderful and it’s easy to navigate. You can use it on your phone or iPad for easy bed side reading . As a couple- we usually play a little game with it. One of us randomly picks a number and the other asks the corresponding question, depending on which number we pick the night will become either healing and deepening for our relationship or hot and steamy . There are 500 DIFFERENT questions, so if you go for about 10 a night you’ll have 50 nights of fun and deep conversation!

    I’ve also used this guide on a girlsnight with friends, which was a great conversation piece. We got into some pretty deep and heavy stuff, but also laughed our butts off!

    If you are looking for a HUGE pack of questions to spark any conservation about sexuality, desire, needs etc you HAVE TO BUY this guide! Call it a gift to yourself, because it most certainly is.

    The pricepoint is fair, so I would say skip tonight’s ‘date night’ to visit the cinema and watch a movie that isn’t even that good and go for this guide. Play during dinner with each other and I guarantee you will have a night to remember.

    Thank you Elena for creating this gem!

  5. Skye (verified owner)

    OMG, I did this with my new man of 9months the questions are incredible, my other gf and her partner came over and we went around the circle! Love love love

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