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Healing Endometriosis-Associated Dyspareunia and Rediscovering Pleasure with Elena of The Yoni Empire
Empowered Sex Series – Why some women are still having bad sex
Pleasure, love and coffee
How to heal vaginismus and liberate your sexuality w/ Elena from The Yoni Empire
Healing from Painful Sex, Slow Sex for Greater Pleasure, and Sexual Body Intelligence with Elena from The Yoni Empire
Elena from The Yoni Empire on unlocking and embracing your Kink

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Articles with me:
The girl behind The Yoni Empire
10 Instagram Accounts Every Mindful Lover Should Follow
Vagina monologues: stories of women who preach conscious sexuality
Lady Porn; the best erotic content from women around the world
Turn off your head and get an orgasm: what is mindful sex and how to practice it
Who is Elena, pleasure educator and founder of The Yoni Empire
Fervor Friday With Elena of The Yoni Empire
#GalGetter Elena of The Yoni Empire
Elena from The Yoni Empire Wants to Nourish Women, One Orgasm at a Time
An interview with The Yoni Empire

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