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Common Challenges We Explore Together

  • Being “in the head” & inability to relax during sex
  • Inability to orgasm during sex
  • Anxiety over not being good enough or sexy enough
  • Feeling sexually bored or sexually starving in a relationship
  • Losing sexual desire for the partner in a relationship 
  • Relationship libido incompatibility & other challenges
  • Confusion over your own sexuality – what turns you on? 
  • Vaginal pain/tension – why you have it
    & how to heal it
  • Inability to orgasm without a vibrator 
  • Clitoral, G-Spot, Vaginal, Cervical orgasms 
  • Exhausted of performing in the bedroom 
  • Postpartum lack of desire for sex or aversion
  • Dealing with infidelity or desire to cheat
  • Moving through sexual guilt, shame & fear
  • Accepting your naughtiness, kinks & sexual uniqueness
  • Awakening the G-spot
  • Exploring female ejaculation 
  • Self-massage of vagina & breasts
  • Releasing sexual stress/trauma from the body
  • Re-sensitising the body to feel pleasure
  • Living an orgasmic sensual life 
  • Conscious slow sex & masturbation

Online Talking Session


It is time to take responsibility and master your sexuality! ONE SESSION with me is enough to sky rocket your learning curve and pleasure! These are inspiration consultations to guide you in the right direction and support you on your journey. I will present you with new awareness and information about your pleasure potential and get you excited about exploring it on your own!

Face-to-Face Talking Session


One of the main reasons why people struggle in their sex life is because they do not know who they are or what they like.  By working with me, you have an opportunity to share your current sexual challenges and desires in a shame-free environment.  I will guide you in the right direction based on YOUR current needs and desires – implementing changes in your body, mind, heart, lifestyle choices & relationships.

Somatic Bodywork


Unresolved trauma is a common barrier to experiencing pleasure during sex. This gentle bodywork involves a combination of deep tissue pelvic release, releasing built-up bodily stress, building pleasure awareness, overcoming bodily shame and insecurity. I hold a safe tender space for each woman to express and let go fully. Just one session with me is often very cathartic and life-changing for women!!!

Couples Training


Touching and loving a woman is an art. Two biggest complaints women have towards their lover’s touch is that it is too rough and too fast! If you are too nervous to teach your partner, ALLOW ME to do it for you! I keep the sessions light and fun. Get ready for fantastic technique names such as “The Netflix” or “The Taco”! 

Are You Ready to Expand Your Pleasure Potential?

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Oleysa Says...

“Elena and her sessions are the Gem! It’s my yearly treat to myself when I see her in Bali! She is my favorite because I feel so nurtured and comfortable with her. I come with full trust and openness to each session, also with no expectations or agenda and it’s always gives true results – my body opens up in a new way! Satisfaction 100%! I also happily send her my retreats clients if I see their desire to explore this path.”

Mareen Says...

“I booked my first ever psychosexual bodywork with Elena last year, together with my partner at that time. Elena made me feel safe and comfortable. I´ve always been open-minded and interested in everything according to Sex and Relationships, nonetheless, the session with Elena opened many different perspectives to me and made me reflect on my sexual behavior a lot.
Whether you want to enrich or deepen your intimate relationship with yourself or a partner or you are struggling with anything according to your sexuality, I highly recommend booking a session with Elena.”

Isabel Says...

“Elena is awesome. She is open and respectful and created a safe environment for both of us. With her incredible knowledge about sexuality and sensuality, she helped me put into words what I felt and needed. Both sessions I had with her have improved the connection I have with myself and the way I connect with my partner.”

Ana Says...

“I had two sessions with Elena, one with, and one without bodywork. In both sessions, I felt understood and utterly supported. Elena has an astute skill to go beyond “the obvious” and ability to give insights into your ever-changing sexual idiosyncrasies. She does that with intelligence, warmth and compassion. I would recommend Elena’s sessions to anyone seeking serious self-healing, a good conversation about intimacy or witty laughter about sexual life in general. Don’t be surprised if you end up crying, as these sessions are truly powerful!!! Thanks Elena for your generosity and kindness.”

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